Living in the Caribbean, I still managed to evolve with the Internet from the original “Intranet” which was a local university message board. User ab0036 — which meant I was the 36th to join.

In the late 70’s I embraced one of the original portable computers — the Osborne — and in fact still have it. Dual 360K floppies !

Initially hand held by a friend who had one foot in Silicon Valley (hint: he was engaged to Janis Joplin pre-Woodstock), I have been developing websites for 20 years, primarily aimed at vacation accommodation rentals.

Washing ashore from the islands, I’ve docked my sailboat in Jacksonville FL and now it’s time to move on to new Internet challenges and products, especially since everyone’s “gone mobile”.

I’ve teamed up with my virtual assistant Alexis Wolff to explore different interests.

These are exciting times !